The Essentials E-Dex

Think of this page as the Essentials virtual Rolodex. It is our way of sharing with our customers the business connections we have made over the years we have been serving Beauty and Medical Esthetics Spa professionals in New England. It serves two principal areas:

  1. Business Profiles and Referrals
  2. Job Board listing of positions available in the Beauty and Medical Spa Industry Click here
    1. For Businesses seeking new employees
    2. For Applicants seeking new opportunities

If you would like your business to be included, please contact Lou Belmonte our CEO. Please feel free to submit your business profile,  credentials, and/or request for professional introductions to

Cryo Concepts

CryoConcepts offers a full line of products to meet your needs and generate new revenue for your clinic, spa or salon. var yith_magnifier_options = { enableSlider: true, sliderOptions: { responsive: true, circular: true, infinite: true, direction: 'left', debug: false, auto: false, align: 'left', prev: { button: "#slider-prev", key: "left" }, next: { button: "#slider-next", key: [...]

Eclipse Aesthetics, LLC. Eclipse Aesthetics, LLC. was established in January 1993 as a specialty surgical supply company. It quickly became one of the pioneers in the aesthetic market selling cosmetic lasers. Twenty years later, Eclipse has become one of the largest and most successful privately held cosmetic distributors of aesthetic equipment and cosmetic supplies in the United [...]

Aviva Labs

Aviva Labs Truly Organic Sunless Tanning Products Aviva have shaped the heart and soul of their company around these four principles: 1.   HEALTH — Aviva Labs is rooted in science. We aren’t simply pretending to know chemistry and stirring together ingredients in our basement or kitchen hoping they work. We understand DHA formulations better than anyone […]

Lateral Brand

Lateral Brand Marketing and Branding At Lateral Brand, our objective is to provide Marketing and Branding expertise and experience in the most cost-efficient way to our clients. By combining lateral thought with a rigorous analysis of metrics, we deliver results beyond those that can be achieved by either of these skill sets operating in isolation Metrics [...]


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