Our Leap of Faith

The anticipation of the untested mid-July water temperature weighs heavy on your legs.  Staring over the edge into the enticing ocean, you contemplate your decision.  In a flash you commit and both feet rush toward the surf.  Exhilaration explodes from your core as you break the surface, but the water temperature is perfect and you’re enveloped by a sense of belonging as you plunge deep. Immediately, I wonder why I waited so long to jump…

– a peek into an entrepreneurs’ leap of faith.

  In 2006, Amy Aarons stood on the edge of destiny and took her leap of faith when she founded Essentials, originally known as Naumkeag Spa & Medical Supplies.  Her philosophy was simple; create a business in an industry she enjoys, help make a difference to the clients she services, the people she employees, and the life she lives. Amy grew up a Midwest girl.  Her wit and warm heart was a birth gift from her mother Mary and her unyielding work ethic inspired by her dad Gary.  She graduated from Emmanuel College and her career in finance took her to Boston where she met her husband, and biggest fan, Brendan Aarons.

Our Commitment to You…Our Valued Customer

We’ve dedicated our company to change the way our customers access products, solutions, and educational resources. Our integrated approach leverages innovative technology with unparalleled support from our team of licensed Personal Purchasing Advisors to streamline customer purchasing habits. Our regional focus allows us to offer manufacturer education classes to assist customers to enhance skills, expand treatment menus and build revenue.  Our commitment to our customers’ success drives us to be the leader in the industry. We are comprehensive, adaptive, and we will continue to strive to raise our level of innovation.


From one of our customers: 

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate how generous Essentials has been.  I have been so impressed by Matts professionalism, he really has such a wonderful way about him.  He has been so attentive, but not pushy at all and has been so incredibly gracious any time we’ve either met, or just checking in via phone.  I will absolutely be bringing on Rezenerate – knowing he will be the support behind it.  As I’ve told you in the past,  you can have the best products, but without the support behind it, it will not work for us here.  

I am not impressed easily, but he has definitely made a great impression throughout the spa and I am looking forward to working with him and Rezenerate in the near future.  

Thank you

Kristin Scioli

Spa Director

Balance Spa

1788 Main Street

Tewksbury MA 01876



Our LeadershipTeam

Amy Aarons

President and Founder

Lou Belmonte

Chief Executive Officer

Giles Norton

Chief Operating Officer

Brendan Aarons

Vice President of Sales

Jaqui Norton

Vice President of Brand Loyalty

Our Board of Mentors

Robert Sewell

Vice President

First Orion Corporation

Lahn Penna

Vice President

Arrow Paper Corporation

Les Yetton

President and CEO

Deep Information Sciences

Nick Gerteisen

IT Manager Commercial Expansion

Insulet Corporation


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